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Choosing a competent Builder in the Bath area should be a reasonably simple task to do right?

  1. Choosing a competent Builder in the Bath area should be a reasonably simple task to do right?
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  3. Choosing a Bath Based Builder
    1. Thanks to Google, for your kind recommendations for a ‘Builder in Bath’
      1. References to Builders on the First Page of Search
      2. Finding My First Building Company
    2. That’s 2 Builders…
        1. Treading with Caution
  4. Searching for a builder in the bath area PART 2

That’s what I had in mind anyway. I had been looking for a builder to complete a Modern House Extension in Bath that we were lucky enough to get passed by the local Building Regs with Bath Council. It was made easy by the planner/ architect we employed, but that’s another story.

We need a builder in the bath area



Let’s start with the simple bit – getting the general builders in the Bath area through the door. To date, the architect has drawn the plans, and the refurbishment and extension plans have been submitted and passed by the authorities. Now we need to select a builder.

Selecting a Builder

We wanted to select a local builder. As we already know, a builder that has to travel to Bath from elsewhere will encumber extra costs, logistical issues, and potential problems down the road. Bearing in mind, we have already relocated from the East end of London ourselves.

The first port of call was the architect. We were in agreeance with the budget and the architect potentially had a couple of well-respected builders to forward their recommendations. However, they were fully booked way past the timeline we wanted to achieve our building extension

Choosing a Bath Based Builder

One of the Bath-based builders that would have been in the selection was a company called Rathbourne. In fact, after speaking with the owner, the timing was the only issue. They most certainly would have been our preferred choice if not.

Rathbournes - A builder in the Bath area

Credit Rathbourne

Needless to say, we continued with the search…

We could not get a knowledgeable referral as we were quite new to the Bath area and our close neighbours had not used any reputable Local builders in Bath.

The neighbour to the right of us recommended a maintenance company which was great however, we ideally wanted a specialist builder. Now it was time to open up the laptop and start searching google for a recommendation

Thanks to Google, for your kind recommendations for a ‘Builder in Bath’

Notepad at the ready the search was…..well confusing

I did not realise I was so out of touch with google. Google was able to vastly populate information all over my screen with many, many, construction companies. Here are the top 5 showing first (search conducted 2nd April 2022)

  • Taylors of Bath
  • Yell

Finding My First Building Company

To my surprise, on the first page of results, there was just one company that stood out to me in the search results that was not a Building Portal. I.e. MyBuilder, Trustatrader, Yell etc. The only complete building company listed initially was ‘Taylors.’

Building near me in Bath
Credit: Taylors

Taylors are a Building Company based just outside of the City of Bath

According to Taylor’s website they can carry out the following building services:

Loft conversions, Extensions, Painting and Decoration, Electrical works, Plumbing, Hard Landscaping and also have green credentials being Heat source pumps and Water Harvesting??? ( I will research what that is )

So Taylors are the first in the Pad for my choice of Builder to call Monday morning.

The Second Building Company In Bath

The search continued and I found a company called Wraxall Builders. who are Builders in the Bath area. ( Big bonus being my side. )

Wraxalls were established in 1977. But were they a suit for my modern taste and the design my Architect had designed?

Well, guess what I found 🙂

Building company near Bath
Credit: Wraxall Builders

They do indeed complete contemporary buildings and extensions. A few big ticks for me. On an initial look at the Wraxall Website, they seemed to focus on larger projects…

That’s 2 Builders…

So with 2 building companies in Bath already to call, I now felt quite energetic to select the third.

Notes on the selection below ( my honest opinion)

When you search google you will find there are 3 or 4 paid search results at the top of Google, these are where a company will pay Google to be placed at the top of the pile.

Treading with Caution

I generally tread with caution with some of the Advertised Bath Builders as I feel like I have to do more initial due diligence before I call a company.. especially those building companies that work from a MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER and without an office or a fixed location (old school)

I tread with caution with some of these Builders

Builder search number 3 was found using the google maps search where I used ‘builder in the bath area’ as a search term. I found a pretty little map of Bath with 30 or so references to local builders.

The choice to note down was the Flying Pig Company. The Flying Pig is a building company in Bath and was established in 2008. The projects they show on the website are remarkably well finished as expected by a building company.

The projects are also local, so they seem to have experience in dealing with properties in the Bath area. I was attracted to this particular photo ( below ) as it falls right into the ballpark of our own style and tastes

Builder in the Bath area
Credit: The Flying Pig Renovation Company

Here is a great Vid on chosing a builder

Searching for a builder in the bath area PART 2

So there we have it.. 3 Builders in the bath area are all ready to call Monday morning… I aim to post PART 2 of this post to conclude my initial contacts and our journey to selecting a builder in the Bath area.

If you have a recommendation for a Builder in the Bath area, we would love to know your suggestions down below in the comments section

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