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The Local SEO Experiment

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    3. About our experimental Post (On page)
      1. The current site speed for Mobile is:
      2. The current Site Speed for desktops is:
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  3. The Local SEO experiment: Monday 19th April (End of week Two)
      1. Aggh If I can only throw some backlinks at the SEO experiment page!

For any SEO company to be worth their weight in salt, they need to be able to demonstrate the ability to promote and prove to prospective clients what they are capable of with Local SEO.

This post is linked to a simple page that we have created for our experiment search term ‘Builder in the Bath area‘ . If you were to click on this link you will be taken to our example page of how we take a brand new non-indexed page to (hopefully) drop into the first page of the Google search index.

It is based on a single web page and how we are able to achieve simple but realistic results.

Our current search term for this test has been written in its singular form and omits the ‘s’ from the search ‘builders’ (‘builder’) however we are looking to experiment with this also to see if there is a defined difference with the search algorithm.

We have not used or generated any backlinks with exception of 2 websites with DA40 (domain authority of 40 and below)

We have not used any Google my Business or Maps included in this experiment however we normally do suggest or implement GMB for all our local businesses.

Local SEO

Our whole ethos is based around Local and simple clean SEO practices, and this includes using various tools and websites to obtain a better ranking for our clients and in turn encouraging traffic which is then converted into business.

For the example in this experiment, we are just using one search term for finding a builder in Bath

The SEO Competition

We use various tools to find out the attributes of a search and the results given. but for the experiment, we have dismissed those tools and are using just two factors. with the exception of the first pass to make sure there is a valid amount of traffic to justify the experiment search term.

One is the search term, the other is writing content for the searcher.

Local SEO results for our experiment builders in the bath area

With the above report, you may notice we have chosen the low-hanging fruit keyword, however, that’s 40 potential clients per month or 480 per year.
On the assumption, you need 3-4 projects per year for renovations and your web page converts well… its a great result to get to the top or near as.

If you were just to convert just 1 % of the traffic in a single year This could yield around £100,000 to £250,000 per project and give an income of £1,000,000 just from 1 search term!

And that, ladies and gentlemen explains the amount of so many lead generation companies fighting for local SEO position 1 in the search engines

As a note, this does not take into consideration the broader search terms the single experimental page would benefit. ( we are just focussing on the 1 term for the moment)

The results to date:

We have collated the data from this experimental search and dumped the info in a table below that shows the simple results and will update these on a weekly basis (Sundays) to see how our experiment goes

We have based this on over 12 weeks.

Search TermDateSearch resultsPosition
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22Checkatrade1
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22Houzz2
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22Taylors of Bath3
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22Yell4
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22FMB.org.uk5
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22trustatrader6
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22mybuilder7
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22rated people8
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22nkjfoster9
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22threebestrated10
Builder in the Bath area03/04/22SEOmatesN/A
Google Positions: Starting lineup SEO Bath

About our experimental Post (On page)

To create the Post, I spent less than an hour writing a 900-word page with real research from the web. I used four local building companies to create the post and it has a semi-structured post. (not yet finished)

The reason we have chosen to not quite have a final draft so say is so that over the 12 week period, we can test and demonstrate what we changed and how it increased/decreased search ranking with our experiment.

According to Rankmath, this page has a rank of 85 (good) so that leaves me 15% to achieve the 100% required for the perfect post

It also uses one Featured post image and a Mix of locally hosted images and some linked images from the resources I had found on the Builders websites.

We have used some Tags and Given the post its own category to nestle inside. We also use a table of contents on the page ( similar to the above)

The SEO we have given the page is a little more than an hour’s work in total which includes the original creation of the content.

The page also has no backlinks acquired at this stage other than 2 DA40 (explained above)

The page is on a WordPress CMS and hosted by Siteground and running all the latest WordPress / Gutenberg versions.

The current site speed for Mobile is:

Site speed for Mobile

The current Site Speed for desktops is:

And finally a quick check from Pingdom to check the speed for my own ego

So to conclude, we have written a simple targetted post meaningfully and have given it a reasonably good platform for a clean head start.

We are really looking forward to the outcome for all.

Check out the ‘ Builder in the Bath area

Go back to SEO Mates Home page

Week 1 (end of) the Local SEO challenge


So even with an established website, we are not expecting the page to get indexed just yet, I have checked with Google search console a few times in the week to see if there was any sign of life, but as expected. GSC Below

Whilst on Google Search Console, I did hit the ‘index request’ button. This adds an individual page to the priority queue for Google – That does not mean it’s guaranteed indexing….

Our local SEO challenge

Index Request

The index request document page can be found here. The requested feature is more for indexing individual pages rather than whole websites. You certainly would be better off dropping a sitemap into GSC…

We are doing this on this occasion to see in ‘real world time’ how long it takes to get indexed.

Let’s face it, we might not get indexed at all if our content, User experience, and many other factors don’t hit the ‘sweet spot’

index Coverage status by Google

Here is the list of Tweaks we have made for ‘a builder in the bath area’ page.

  • Tidy up Images and make sure all links are working
  • Check the content and a couple of punctuation issues
  • Added page to Google Index Request
  • Changed Keyword Frequency to 0.5
  • Added 1 Video to max out the media required

Not a lot to do this week as we cant tweak the page until we have been added to google’s index…

I Have to mention I have also linked a couple of external websites to this page.. just to accelerate indexing


After a long-tailed keyword search, we have successfully indexed the search term “choosing a builder in the bath area

It’s showing by searching Google (incognito) at Position 4 as of 9.39 am Sat 9th of April
I do believe this will have to settle down a little in the index however, It’s definitely good to see this in the index (the page)

We are also delighted to be ranking the test search term at p17 (page 2) 7th which is great for local SEO

Here are the results from the end of Week 1

There has been a little bit of a shuffle with Taylors moving down a couple of places and FMB also on the move down whilst gains are made by Yell and trust a trader. There are no new entries this week and no one dropping out of the top 10. Just the usual top 10 shuffle

Search TermDateSearch resultsPosition
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22Checkatrade1
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22Houzz2
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22Yell3
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22trustatrader4
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22Taylors of Bath5
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22FMB.org6
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22rated people7
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22nkjfoster8
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22mybuilder9
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22threebestrated10
Builder in the Bath area09/04/22SEOmates17
Google Positions End of Week 1 SEO Bath

Additionally, I have cleaned up the code a little and have had a good performance boost with mobile jumping up a further 6% to a performance of 97 out of 100

See you next week…for more local seo

The Local SEO experiment: Monday 19th April (End of week Two)

So, we had an extended break for the easter but no excuse for the lateness of this update!

During this week we were violently placed up and down the SERPS. The lowest position was around p39 and we are currently sitting back at p17 (page 2 number 7)

What I did during the last week was make a couple of small adjustments to the header/ content of the page as Rankmath was asking for a POWER word either Negative or Positive… Rank Maths SEO score is now at 92/100 (previously 85) so I won’t change anything around for the next couple of weeks..and let the dust settle.

Below is the weekly table of positions… I am not ranking or have anything to do with the company Rathbone’s website but they had a little jump also… I would like to think that we have had something to do with this as it’s mentioned within the experiment post.

Search TermDateSearch resultsPosition
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Checkatrade1
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Houzz2
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Yell3
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Threebestrated4
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Taylors of Bath5
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22FMB.org6
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22ratedpeople7
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22Trusatrader8
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22nkjfoster9
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22mybuilder10
Builder in the Bath area19/04/22SEOmates17
Google Positions End of Week 2 local SEO

I will speak with the owner at some point to see if they have been working on their website to rule this out or include it.

As an SEO, I do find it really hard not to start building backlinks to the local seo experiment we are working with, but as mentioned, the deal was to just see if we can rank a page with a search term and content only.

Site speed today has changed somewhat, I will look into this as it’s showing a Lighthouse speed of 81 / 100 which is interesting. (was 98/100)

Atleast that gives me something to fix!

So we look forward to a slightly shorter week and I do hope you all enjoyed your easter weekend! See you next week.

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