Packages & Pricing

We like to keep things straight and simple at so find our basic pricing below

Frequently Asked Questions

What Package is right for me?

We suggest that everyone goes through the ‘Quick Rundown’ so we can establish exactly where you sit in the Search engines and how your site looks from a technical point of view.

Can I do this myself without SEO Mates?

Yes, of course, The only difference you would get is the results are the same, its the actionable changes you won’t get advised on.

How good is your SEO package?

We always suggest that SEO with us is more of a translation to getting a better return from the USER SEARCH. So choosing the right areas of your website to work on is where we add value

Ho Much website speed can you gain?

We regularly gain higher percentages, most are around 50% increases in Loading times for new and self-maintained websites. We also have site speed gains of well over 100%

A good question you can ask is, are the SEO services worth it for your business?

The Quick Rundown

The Quick Rundown is like going to the doctor for a health checkup.
If we can identify problems with your website, We can almost instantly improve them. Just a few simple tweaks can boost your website to the next level. Our clear outline strategy will be provided upon completion.

If we encourage just 1 extra customer to your website that converts, you would have probably paid the cost for this service

One Page of SEO

One page of Focussed SEO is great for SMEs and Small businesses, especially for those with websites are time established. Our technical approach will analyze your closest competition, the search terms, the amount of estimated business/ traffic that acquires from search engines and then we reverse engineer.

This allows us to create a web page that is 100% on point to bring in the most amount of traffic. This is not a page for your Ego, it’s a dedicated landing page that WILL expand your customer outreach.

Need for Speed

Our speed package for WordPress, Strips, squeezes and reduces code to an optimal size. We also look to reduce image size and other factors that can slow a website down.

A prominent feature request from Google is that the faster the website, the better the user experience. This leads to a better ranking of your website within Google and other search engines

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