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How SEO mates help…

Seo mate is a small team of professionals who will help with search engine optimisation when it comes to your website. We align your website with Google and Bing and can help with site speed, content issues, and all other sorts of SEO-related hurdles.

Our services provide simple industry-specific competition comparisons without all the usual SEO jargon. In turn, you can make well-informed decisions on making a difference to the impact of your website on the search engines thus, increasing both visits to your website and conversions.

Our Tactical approach keeps it all really simple and offers honest off-shelf prices rather than tailor-made crazy out-of-this-world budgets that most can’t afford. (you won’t pay for our 30 day holidays as an example)

We are a google ads and seo specialist

Who can SEO mates help?

Individuals, Small Business, Start-ups, SMEs and the occasional National Company

Service Industry

From Builders to Dentists, we can help All SMEs and startups or for that matter, anyone who needs to get their website in order and ready for the search engines!

Sales and Retail

If you run an online shop then we can always Improve visibility. The most common finding after an initial audit is the basic principles that have been overlooked!

Non Profit Charities

We have worked with many nonprofits and filled the gaps where the expertise is missed.
Let us support your SEO efforts

What next?

If you don’t yet need a Full-time SEO / digital marketing agency then we can ad-hoc in and out of your business providing support and guidance when needed. Our pricing structure gives us the budget to allow us to Focus on your project 100%.

Fortunately, we love SEO and what we do, our plans work effectively with proven results.

So, become mates…. SEOmates!

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Taken From Semrush Position Tracking for one of our larger clients!

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